Friday, May 25, 2012

Exoskeleton for Wheelchair Users NOW In India!

Up until now, exoskeletons have been available only in the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia/New Zealand. The makers of Rex Exoskeleton have changed that by selling an exoskeleton to Ajit Jogi of India. Jogi is a former Indian politician who became a wheelchair user due to a car accident eight years ago. "Now, finally," he says, "I am able to look people in the eyes when I talk to them.":

Now we can hope to see exoskeletons available in all countries of the world. Read more about exoskeleton suits for wheelchair users.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paralympics 2012: All Wheelchair Rugby Events SOLD OUT!

I was reading a BBC article on wheelchair rugby and was surprised to see that 100 days before the games all events have sold out! This is from the article:

The sport, originally known as "murderball" because of its aggressive, full-contact nature, is played on an indoor court and involves teams of up 12, with four players per side on court at any one time.
Since making its Paralympic debut in Sydney in 2000 the game has gone from strength to strength, and tickets for the sport at London 2012 sold out in record time, which the Great Britain team hope will play to their advantage.

Being, by nature, rather skeptical, I decided to see if it was true. So, I wrote to the organization via its official website. That was yesterday and by today, no response.  So, I tried simply to purchase tickets for wheelchair rugby via the paralympic ticket webshop and sure enough, if you search for wheelchair rugby, all events are followed by the words, "currently unavailable".

Why is wheelchair rugby so popular? Watch this trailer for the film "Murderball" to see the action of this hard-hitting sport and you will understand:

Murderball, by the way, was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. Even if you do not like sports and have no interest in Wheelchair Rugby, you will enjoy this movie. Read this Murderball Review to see why.

So, how can you watch Wheelchair Rugby from the 2012 paralympics? I am now researching this information and hope to have an answer to that question soon. Return to this blog for an update on how to watch the 2012 paralympics.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Argo CEO Discusses ReWalk Exoskeleton

Watch this discussion between CEO Larry Jasinski and John Dawson-Ellis ReWalk Exoskeleton user. John started using the ReWalk exoskeleton one day before this video was taken. John discusses his thoughts about ReWalk Exoskeleton with Larry. John has been paralyzed for three years and says "Three years ago I would have given anything to be able to walk across this bridge. This is something I could never have dreamed of, but here I am!"
Read more about exoskeletons for wheelchair users.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Festo's ExoHand: Exoskeleton Hand For People With Hand Disabilities

A German company Festo has developed an Exoskeleton which can supplement hand movement for people with disabilities. What is exciting about this exoskeleton hand, as you can see from this video is that Festo is working on thought control: It seems to me that this could be a breakthrough for people with amputated limbs as well. I hope to learn more about this exciting development and if so, will update this information.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exoskeleton User Completes London Marathon

The Wheelchair Pride Blog has been quiet for a while. Much too long. But I have some news to report that I just can not resist reporting here. Claire Lomas, a UK wheelchair user has become the first person to complete the London Marathon in an Exoskeleton. I am proud of Claire's determination. Why? It took her 16 days to complete the marathon, but that did not stop her. You can see more about her final steps in this video: Claire's achievement did not get included in the London Marathon records, because she did not finish on the same day. Claire got no medals from the Marathon organizers, but some able bodied runners gave their medels to her. One day, in the not too distant future, exoskeleton users will complete a marathon AHEAD of able bodied runners. I am certain that there will be those who will complain that running in an exoskeleton is an unfair advantage. Visit Clair's website or click to learn more about exoskeletons for wheelchair users.