Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Slippery Push Rim Solution!

Written by Twinstincts

Although over the years I had maneuvered in and out of restrooms and occasionally wheeled myself around department stores and such, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to go for a “walk” with my husband and our dogs around the block.  This brought about a whole new challenge…regardless of the textured Hatch wheelchair gloves I was using, I could NOT manage to get a grip on the push rims to propel myself up the slight incline; even worse, I was unable to stop myself from racing along what I would have thought to be a minimal-for-walking-folks slope grade.  Thank goodness my husband was there to grab my wheelchair and keep it from careening down any farther and dumping me onto the pavement once it hit level ground!  

When we finally returned home, I was determined to find a reasonable solution (my husband advised against me sanding the push rims to rough them up LOL!) I was certain countless others were challenged with the following: basic push rims which looked really smooth and pretty (by manufacturer’s standards) but were not the least bit functional in real life…us wheelchair users need grip, people!  I called many local mobility supply shops and they suggested a new pair of gloves.  Ha!  I knew that would not be remotely enough and thankfully stumbled upon the RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Pushrim Covers.  I reached out to RehaDesign with some questions I had and was incredibly grateful for the sincerity and promptness Galina responded with.  Now those are two qualities I look for when doing business with someone but rarely find!  

These covers were just the miracle I was in search of and will absolutely be life-altering.  I haven’t even had them on for a week and am already in love!  What seems like such a simple solution is extremely difficult to come by and completely unknown in the mobility supply world here in the western United States.  I feel a sense of obligation to my fellow wheelchair-using community to get the word out…there IS indeed a reasonably priced and super simple solution to gaining the ability to safely venture out unassisted and start living life.  Freedom…we’re comin’ for ya!  Here’s to a whole new realm of possibilities we never dreamt were feasible!  I would give Galina a great big hug if I could!  Next step…spreading the excitement for and functionality of RehaDesign’s covers!  Give your wheelchair a little pizzazz like I did and purchase at!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Promise of the new research - Virtual technologies beat paralysis

Virtual reality (VR) is now playing an important role in helping paralyzed people regain their sensation and muscle control. People with spinal cord injuries, strokes and other conditions, regain strength and mobility.
Medical Center of the Duke University in North Carolina published a medical study edition of Scientific Reports, in August 11, 2016. The study involved eight people paralyzed from injuries to the spinal cord. They utilized brain-machine interfaces, which included a VR system using their brain activity. The system attempted to simulate patients' control of the legs.
Until now, it was impossible to recover certain functions in a patient after being completely paralysed for many years. After using VR technology patients regained significant sensation and muscle control. The study proved that VR could help people with spinal cord injuries, as well as strokes and other conditions, to regain strength and mobility.
The results of the study are impressing - some patients who were unable to stand up, paralysed for decades were able to walk using a walker, braces and an assisting therapist during the study. With weekly training, patients could be able to re-engage their spinal cord nerves. By the end of the study, they could move their legs voluntarily and support their body weight in a harness.

For more information: press here

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Introducing Twinstincts: Let Freedom Ring!

WheelchairPride is excited to introduce a guest blogger going under the nickname of Twinstincts . She has a warm charming personality and some experiences and thoughts to share with all of you. Enjoy reading her posts and let us know what you think!
Written by Twinstincts

Hello, my fellow mobility challenged community! This is the start of a wonderful opportunity to communicate with all of you. We will be exploring topics relating to the realities of living life dealing with mobility constraints. Allow me to introduce myself. I am an identical twin who became disabled immediately following my hospitalization after my 30th birthday almost ten years ago. My twin sister has been disabled for about one and a half years now. As I’ve helped her navigate through the many challenges of relying upon mobility devices to get through this new life she’s living, I’ve come to desire more freedom and independence for myself. What a wonderful surprise that revelation has been! Unlike her, I have been blessed with a super supportive husband by my side throughout the entire transition from loving my career in the medical field to being stuck at home no longer having the ability to venture out on my own.  

I initially purchased a $200 wheelchair via the internet thinking my condition was only temporary. Two years later, I upgraded to a customized manual Invacare MVP wheelchair. Wow, did I think my new set of wheels was fab! Over the years, I relied heavily upon my husband to get the chair in and out of the car and push me from place to place. I constantly found myself extremely uncomfortable with the darn push handles digging into my shoulders as well as many other issues factoring into my discomfort and pain. I’m also not able to open and close my folding wheelchair without assistance. After spending some time with my sis and seeing the freedom her Pride Go Go afforded her once she had her lift installed on her vehicle, I was craving a solution to offer me that level of independence. Thanks Sis! And so the journey to exploring new assisted mobility device options began! I will be happy to share more details with you in my further posts.

     I appreciate you all taking the time to get to know me a bit and look forward to exploring subjects regarding stories of triumph, struggles, solutions, etc in the future. This is the perfect platform to rally around one another as we navigate through this wonderful life we’ve been given, albeit mighty frustrating at times. Here’s to you and remember…this life is what you choose to make of it day by day! I'm not sure exactly how often I'll be able to post but I will always welcome input in the comments box below. Please bear with me as this is the start of my blogging adventure! (FYI, my six-year-old niece coined the term "Twinstincts"...Twins with instincts! I sure thought it was pretty clever!)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Spinal Stimulator: helping paralized patients to regain mobility

Motorcycle lover Gomez Brian broke his neck in an accident six years ago. Last year, June 2016, he became one of the first patients to undergo a special surgery to enable him to move his hands. It was performed by Ronald Reagan Medical Center Doctors (LA). A 32-electrode spinal simulator was implanted below Brian's spinal-cord injury, in the middle of his neck,the area correlated to the loss of function and feeling of the limbs. The team from Ronald Reagan Medical Center have performed the very first implant medical procedure of this kind on two spinal-cord injury patients. The results were good and the growth of the mobility of the fingers was noticed. The strenght of the grip increased up to 300 percent. And that is a lot!
We know, that the spine has the pathways for information from our brain to the limbs. The spinal stimulator is helping the spinal cord to find and use these pathways. And it is a unique effective technology as the device is implanted in the spine instead of the brain. The electrical stimulation is used in order to recover the abilities of standing, moving hands and legs.

Please watch this video to find out more details about this promissing technology.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Georgia State Tennis Championship

Wheelchair sports is one of our favorite topics and today we would like to say a couple words about wheelchair tennis and our support for a wheelchair tennis competition we provided a while ago.

Wheelchair tennis is that kind of game, where the size of courts, balls, rackets are the same as in usual tennis, but the athletes are sitting in wheelchairs.
Wheelchair tennis is well known since 1970s when the competitive wheelchair tennis tournaments have started and the wheelchair tennis programme occurred.
Now, the disabled people can also participate in this sport and even be a part of Paralympics since 1980s.

RehaDesign wheelchair accessories has recently sponsored prizes for participants of wheelchair tennis competition: Georgia State Tennis Championship which is an yearly event attended by many athletes. We worked with Sharon Greiner, president of the Southern Crescent Tennis Association who requested some prizes from our wheelchair accessory line such as RehaDesign Ultra-Grrrip Wheelchair GlovesRehaDesign Strap N Roll Wheelchair Gloves and the RehaDesign Gator Wheelchair Gloves. Also, wheelchair users had fun with our Wunderglow Wheelchair Lights!

‘‘While tennis is a big part of the player's lives, it's obviously not the only thing that they do. When they arrive at the tennis court, it is in their regular chair and then they transfer to the sport chair. RehaDesign products were the idea of being able to expose the players to some products they haven't seen before.’’ said Sharon Greiner, president of the Southern Crescent Tennis Association. “I am very thankful for all the sponsors' support”.

Here is what participants said about the Georgia State Championship:
John Rogers - What great job everyone did creating a wonderful tennis weekend.

Buddy  Mays - Had a great time at the tournament you guys held in Peachtree City because we all know how life changing adaptive sports can be for wheelchair users(saved my life) plus to get the cool gear from the raffles and player bags were a big plus. Very useful stuff and appreciated by all I'm sure I know my stuff was. Thanks again for a great tournament all around.

Stacey Rice - Thanks for all the time and energy you put into making this tournament a huge success! Fun times! Looking forward to next year!

Jennifer Speer - Thank you so much for your support of the Peachtree City wheelchair tennis tournament. It was great competition and so much fun. It's always nice to be around such a great group of people. A wonderful weekend!

Check out Georgia State Championship here and check our RehaDesign wheelchair accessories here.