Friday, October 26, 2012

Dog Poop On Your Wheelchair Wheels?

Dog Poop is probably a wheelchair users biggest enemy. Often camouflaged as a stick or simply unavoidable on a sidewalk or wheelchair ramp, probably every wheelchair user has had the unpleasant experience of rolling through dog poop. Watch this angry rant from one wheelchair user who has had his share of dog poop on his wheelchair tires:

So, what is the solution for dog poop? Like the guy the in the video above, consider washable wheelchair gloves to keep your hands free from dog poop.

And think about getting a pair of wheelchair tire covers to prevent the dog poop on wheelchair tires from getting onto your clean floors and carpets.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wheelchair Flooring Ideas

Has your wheelchair made a mess of your floors? Do you find your current floors difficult to clean? Are you thinking about reflooring your house to make it more wheelchair friendly? Are you looking for the best flooring for wheelchair users? This article offers important suggestions for wheelchair users who are thinking of reflooring their house and are looking for ideas for the flooring options which they should consider. Read this article about Flooring For Wheelchairs Options.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

What To Do About Wet Wheelchair Tires

Every wheelchair user knows this problem. Listen to this wheelchair user talking about how "Wet tires show up really well on tiles" (turn up the volume, it is hard to hear him):


You can wipe your tires all you want, but you will probably never get it all. So, what is the solution to wet and dirty wheelchair tires:

Look into RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers, specially designed wheelchair tire covers that are made to keep your house clean.