Tuesday, October 20, 2015

La solution pour les pneus sales des fauteuils roulants

Les roues de votre fauteuil roulant salissent-elles votre tapis ? Les pneus de votre fauteuil roulant laissent-ils des marques noires sur le sol ? Ne laissez pas votre fauteuil roulant endommager votre sol et vos tapis. Maintenant il existe une solution : Les RehaDesign Wheelchair Tire Covers couvrent les roues des fauteuils roulants manuels et empêchent celles-ci de transférer des marques de saleté ou traces sur le plancher ou les tapis. Regardez la vidéo ci-dessous.

* RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers : Couvre les roues arrière des fauteuils roulants manuels
* RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks : Couvre les pneus avant pivotants des fauteuils roulants manuels.
* RehaDesign Mud Eaters : Housse pour roues arrière de fauteuil roulant, résistante à l'eau, pour roues humides ou boueuses, ou pour une utilisation dans les piscines et les spas.

Les Wheelchair Slippers et Wheelchair Socks sont fabriqués dans un joli tissu doux, avec une doublure spéciale à l'intérieur pour éviter tout glissement Ces housses de pneu pour chaise roulante sont lavables en machine et se placent facilement en quelques secondes comme vous pouvez le voir sur la vidéo.  

Démonstration des Wheelchair Slippers

Démonstration des Wheelchair Socks

Les housses de chaises roulantes Mud Eaters sont fabriquées en néoprène résistant. Toutes les housses RehaDesign pour chaises roulantes sont disponibles à l’achat sur le site RehaDesign.com.

Monday, October 19, 2015

How Can Businesses Protect Floors and Carpets From Wheelchair Tires?

In 2013 Lexi Haas, a young girl in a wheelchair was turned away from a museum because employees were concerned that her wheelchair wheels would soil the carpet. The family was extremely upset and wrote a story on Facebook about what happened. Lexi's story went viral and hit the national media. It became a PR nightmare for the museum.

Just 3 months earlier, Amal Mohamed was refused entry to a Fabco shoe store for exactly the same reason: an employee was worried that her wheelchair tires would soil the carpet. Amal's story did not get the same press coverage as Lexi's. But she did win a $10,000 settlement from Fabco.

The American with Disabilities Act guarantees access to wheelchair users. Failure to provide access may result in huge fines, not to mention bad press. This is a big problem for many small businesses such as museums, stores, spas, hospitals and many other businesses. Floors and carpeting are expensive. But access to wheelchair users can not be denied.

What can businesses do to protect their property from dirty wheelchair tires without breaking Federal laws? The answer to this question is in this 45 second video:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Obama and Clinton Talk Christmas

Did you ever need help coming up with a gift idea for your wife? Everyone does. In this video, Barak Obama calls Bill Clinton for advice. Obama needs help with a Christmas gift idea for Michelle. What advice does Clinton offer his buddy Barak? Can Clinton help? Watch this fun little video clip and find out:

Thursday, October 8, 2015

5 Things You Can Do When Your Wheelchair Rolls Through Dog Poop

Ever stepped in dog poop? What about gum? Of course you have. What do you do? You frantically scrape your shoe on the curb. Then you rub your shoe on paper or grass to get as much as possible off.

Now imagine you roll through dog poop in a wheelchair. What do you do?

5. Put on your gloves because you know that stuff is going to find its way to your hands. Yuk!

4. Roll through every puddle you can find on the way home hoping that some of it will wash away.

3. Curse the dog owner or the gum chewer and wish that karma returns the favor.

2. Take a brush to it and try to scrape it out of the crevices between your treads.

1. Watch the video below:

Any other ideas?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Wheelchair Tires Messing Up Your Floors and Carpets? Here Is The Solution

Every Wheelchair user has experienced it. You are riding in the street and roll over a piece of gum or dog poop. It wedges itself into the treads of your tires. Now when you get home, you must either scrub it out or risk tracking it over your floors or carpets. Now there is a better option: RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers and Wheelchair Socks. What are they? As shown in the photo below, RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers cover the big rear wheels of manual wheelchairs. RehaDesign Wheelchair Socks cover the small front caster wheels:

Watch the short (45 second video to learn more).

How difficult is it to put on Wheelchair Socks? Wheelchair Socks go on in seconds as can be seen in this video:

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