5 Things You Can Do When Your Wheelchair Rolls Through Dog Poop

Ever stepped in dog poop? What about gum? Of course you have. What do you do? You frantically scrape your shoe on the curb. Then you rub your shoe on paper or grass to get as much as possible off.

Now imagine you roll through dog poop in a wheelchair. What do you do?

5. Put on your gloves because you know that stuff is going to find its way to your hands. Yuk!

4. Roll through every puddle you can find on the way home hoping that some of it will wash away.

3. Curse the dog owner or the gum chewer and wish that karma returns the favor.

2. Take a brush to it and try to scrape it out of the crevices between your treads.

1. Watch the video below:

Any other ideas?


  1. put a sign up with a picture so dog owners who use that path realise the impact


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