3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Floors From Your Wheelchair This Winter

Winter is coming. With winter comes dirty or muddy wheelchair tires. Those tires will track mud, dirt and germs onto your floors, damaging the carpets and requiring hours of cleaning. Are dirty floors just an unfortunate fact of life that wheelchair users must live with? Or is there a way to protect your floors from your wheelchair tires?

Other than non-stop cleaning there are three easy ways to keep your floors clean:

  • The easiest way to protect your floors is to stay inside all winter long. That is not very practical of course. But many wheelchair users hesitate to go outside because of the problems that dirty wheelchair tires bring.

  • Some wheelchair users have an outside wheelchair and an inside wheelchair. This is a solution, but a rather expensive solution.
  • The most practical and simple solution is to cover the tires with specialized wheelchair tire covers before bringing the wheelchair back into the house. Wheelchair tire covers are washable, go over the tires in seconds and protect the floors and carpets from the tires. There are two types of wheelchair tire covers:

  • Covers made of textile material, such as Wheelchair Slippers and Socks. Wheelchair Slippers go over the large back wheelchair tires, while wheelchair Socks cover the small front caster wheels. Slippers and socks are designed to protect floors and carpets from dirt. They go on easily, are very attractive and soft to the touch.

    Covers made of water-resistant material, such as Mud Eaters. Mud Eaters are made from neoprene. They are designed to keep the house from from dirt, mud and from water which can be tracked in by the wheelchair. There are no water resistant covers for the front caster wheels.


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