Wheelchair Wheel Covers: 3 Options To Keep Your House Clean

 How To Keep Your House Clean With Wheelchair Wheel Covers

Are the wheels of your wheelchair destroying your floors or carpets? Are the wheels tracking dirt throughout your house? It is time to discover the wonders of wheelchair wheel covers:

There are two options for covering the large rear wheels of your wheelchair. Both work well, but they have different functions:

* Wheelchair Slippers
* Mud Eaters

The difference between the two is principally due to the material they are made from. Wheelchair Slippers are made from a soft textile fabric, with a special grip material on the inside. They are very easy to put on a wheelchair. Mud Eaters are made from thick neoprene, the same fabric used in skin divers wet suits so they are water resistant. 

How to put on Wheelchair Slippers


How difficult are they to put on? Here is a video of a quadriplegic wheelchair user putting on Wheelchair Slippers


Mud Eaters require a bit more strength to put on the wheelchair. They are sort of like a big elastic rubber band that cover your tires.

Wheelchair Socks cover the small casters wheels in the front of the wheelchair. They are made of the same fabric used to make Wheelchair Slippers. 

How to put on Wheelchair Socks

What size wheels do they fit? Wheelchair Slippers are made to fit 24 inch wheels, but some wheelchair users report that they will also fit 25 inch wheels as well. What do you do if you have smaller wheels on your wheelchair? Wheelchair Slippers can be easily adapted to fit smaller size wheels. Mud Eaters will only fit 24 inch wheels. Wheelchair Socks are made to fit 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 inch casters.

Do you have other questions about wheelchair wheel covers? You can find more information in this FAQ about wheelchair wheel covers, or  read more about wheelchair wheel covers