Five Solutions For Dirty Wheelchair Tires

How To Clean Dirty Wheelchair Tires

What do you do about dirty, yucky wheelchair tires? When you take your wheelchair outside, you never know what kind of crap you are going to roll over (and I mean that literally). So, how do you keep your house clean from those filthy wheelchair wheels? Here are five interesting and innovative solutions for cleaning dirty wheelchair tires:
Solution #1: The simplest and least expensive way: Use washable RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers to keep the dirty wheelchair tires from touching the floor.

Solution #2: Stick your dirty wheelchair into a wheelchair washer:

Solution #3: Use an electric tooth brush to clean up your dirty wheelchair tires


Solution #4: Mount a gadget on your wheelchair which can clean the dirty tires automatically


 Solution #5: Use a brush to clean those dirty wheelchair wheels


Which do you prefer: Simple and inexpensive?  Or complicated and pricey?

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  1. Interesting. I wonder if this could also be accomplished with cars.

    Alice Douglas

  2. Great concepts but where do actually get a wheelchair tire washer that actually works, and doesn't cost over $400?

  3. I use rubbing alcohol with a nylon brush or sponge on my power chair. The tires still look as good as new.


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