Don't Clean Wheelchair Tires!

Why You Should Stop Cleaning Wheelchair Tires! 

What happens when you take your wheelchair outside? The tires pick up dirt and filth. You come home and you spend time and energy wiping down your wheelchair tires.  What happens next? Dirt and filth will anyway get transferred to your floors and carpets. 

It does not matter how much you clean wheelchair tires, you can not wipe away everything no matter how long you try. Dirt, rocks, animal feces, and other disgusting stuff will get stuck in between the treads of the tires and eventually find their way to your floors and carpets. 

In addition to tracking dirt and filth into a house, wheelchair tires can  damage the inside of a house. They can leave black scuff marks on floors and damage expensive carpets. If the wheelchair bumps into a wall or a door, it can leave scratch or scuff marks on the doors and walls.  

It is bad enough when this happens inside of your own house. But what about a friend's house?

Washing your wheelchair tires is like using a chain lock on the door of your house. 

It may make you feel safe, but it is false security. It really does little to protect you.

So what is the solution to dirty wheelchair tires?

The best solution to dirty wheelchair tires is Wheelchair Tire Covers. Putting on Wheelchair Tire Covers is like putting Slippers or Socks on your feet when you come inside. That is why RehaDesign named their Tire Covers for the big rear wheels "Wheelchair Slippers" and the tire covers for the front wheels "Wheelchair Socks"

Watch this Demonstration 

Wheelchair Slippers and Socks protect your floors and carpets from dirt and damage. They are made of a soft fabric that feels nice to the touch. Inside is a grippy fabric to grip your tires and prevent slippage. And the best part is that they are washable. RehaDesign Wheelchair Tires come in two sizes. One size fits 20-22 inch tires. The other size was designed for 24 inch wheelchair tires, but sometimes fits 25-26 inch wheelchair tires too!

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