Frequently Asked Questions About Rehadesign Tire Covers

Frequently Asked Questions About RehaDesign Tire Covers 

As the largest manufacturer of wheelchair tire covers, RehaDesign gets a lot of questions. So, here are some of the most popular questions about RehaDesign Tire Covers:

1. Do you ship to my country? 

Yes, we ship by registered post worldwide. If your country has a reliable postal service, our products will reach you.

2. My shipment is late, are you sure it is coming? 

It is very rare that a shipment goes missing. In our experience maybe we lose one parcel per year. However, check your tracking number, it may be waiting for you at your post office.

3. Where is my tracking number? 

After shipping we send a confirmation email with your tracking number to the email address that you registered with paypal.

4. How much does shipping cost? 

 It depends on where you live. You will see the shipping cost before you check out at the shop.

5 What tire covers do you carry? 

We sell RehaDesign Slippers, Socks and Mud Eaters.

6. What is the difference between Slippers, Socks and Mud Eaters?

Slippers and Mud Eaters cover the large rear tires of the wheelchair. Socks cover the small front caster wheels. Slippers and Socks are made from a soft comfortable fabric. Mud Eaters are made from thick neoprene, the same fabric used for “wet suits”. Mud Eaters are water resistant and are designed for use with very dirty muddy tires, or for use at swimming pools or saunas. Slippers are very flexible and can be put on quite easily. Mud Eaters require normal upper body strength to put them on.

7. What sizes of tires to they fit?

* Slippers: Originally designed to fit 24 inch tires but many wheelchair users report that they will fit 25 and 26 inch tires. Now there are also Slippers for 20-22 inch tires as well.

* Mud Eaters: Only for 24 inch tires.

* Socks: These are made for 3,4,5,6, 7, 8 and 10 inch casters.

8. How do I know what size Socks to order?

Measure your casters carefully as shown in the photo. It is very important to do this carefully. Please do not guess. We get many Socks returned to us because people order the wrong size. If the measurement is not accurate, your socks will not fit.

9. My caster diameter is 4.4 inches. What should I do?

Always round up. In this case, please select 5 inch socks. If you select 4 inch socks there will be an annoying “gap” that you will feel as you roll.

10. My wheelchair has 14 inch tires. Can you make covers to fit it? 

No, we do not make custom tire covers. But it is very simple to do it at home as you can see from this article

 11. Do you make tire covers for electric (power) wheelchairs? 

No we don't. But it might be possible to modify regular slippers to fit your wheelchairs as shown in the article above.

12. What colors are available? 

Slippers: Beige, Blue Purple 

Socks: Beige only 

Mud Eaters: Black only

13. Can I use my Slippers or Mud Eaters outdoors? 

No, Socks, Slippers and Tire Covers are made for indoor use only.

14. Won't the wheels slip if they are covered with tire covers? 

No. Our tire covers are made with a special “grip” on the inside which grip to the tires. There is no slippage at all.

15. How can I put the tire covers on my tires? Is it difficult? 

No, it is very easy to put on the tire covers as can be seen in these videos

How to put on Wheelchair Slippers and Mud Eaters

How to put on Wheelchair Socks


16. I am quadriplegic. Can I put Slippers on by myself? 

Slippers are very easy to put on. So, depending on the amount of hand ability you have, you may be able to put them on by yourself as can be seen in this video demonstration showing a quadriplegic putting on wheelchair slippers without assistance.

16. How can I clean my tire covers? 

17. Are there tire covers 

You can wash them in cool water with mild detergent. Line dry.

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  1. Hello, the wheelchair cover you produce is an important, practical and at the same time essential tool. I "desperately" need these covers, but unfortunately the problems related to the sanctions on Iran have made it impossible for me to deposit and receive them. What is your solution to the problem?

    1. Hello! It is a good question, one we have never had before. Please contact us, either by email (Info "AT" or via our Facebook Page ( and we will try to come up with a solution that works for both of us.


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