How To Adapt RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers To Cover Small Wheelchair Tires

Adapt Wheelchair Slippers To Fit Small Tires

Often we are contacted by customers who have unusual sized tires, but they would like to cover them with our RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers. We tell them that they can buy our standard Wheelchair Slippers and adapt them themselves. Shannon from the USA recently contacted us to ask if we had Slippers for her son's 12 inch tires. We told her that others had adapted our standard Slippers to smaller sizes. A few days later she let us know that she had done this successfully so we asked her to tell us about it.

Q: Shannon, your son's wheelchair has tires that are 12 inches in diameter. You bought our regular wheelchair slippers which fit 24 inch tires and adapted it to fit yours. How did you do it?

A: The 24” slippers have a seam, so I took the seam apart, which took probably 1-2 minutes.

Q: How did you get the right size?

A: Going from 24” tires to 12” was truly a no-brainer . After taking the seam apart, I took the slipper and wrapped it around the tire and marked with a pin where I would need to cut the fabric & sew the new seam. Having the fabric marked, I now cut the slipper and sewed (first hand sewed, then got lazy and got the sewing machine out for the remaining piece.) One 24” slipper now made two slippers for a complete set. I then took the other 24” slipper and did the same thing.

Q: How difficult was it?

A: Because I was essentially just cutting the material in half and making a new seam, it was easier than I could have imagined.

Q: What advice do you have for someone who wants to try this?

A:Order the original slipper and do it. If you can hand stitch a seam, you can do it. So simple!