Sunday, January 28, 2018

Comparing Traveling Mailbox Vs Earth Class Mail

I have been an expat for many years and one of the most difficult challenges I have faced is what to do with my US mail. Again, I am on a search for a reliable solution. My main concern? Security. I do not want just "some guy" to open and scan the contents of my documents. Issues like ID Theft or Security Fraud concerns me. There are many mail scanning and forwarding services to choose from these days, but very few properly address the issue of security.

One company that was recommended to me was "Mailbox Forwarding, Inc", but their "F" grade by the BBB made me look elsewhere.

I am currently considering two companies:

Earth Class Mail: This company has the best discussion about security on their website and  really seems to be taking the subject seriously, the way that I want it to be taken. They mention that they are Hipaa compliant, which means that their security processes are tested and reviewed. But their pricing is breath taking. Most of their plans are $99/month. They do offer a plan that is $49/month, but little information is given about it.

Traveling Mailbox: They also mention that they are Hipaa compliant, but they do not give much attention to the issue of security on their website. I read on the Earth Class Mail website that third parties are handling much of their mail. Their pricing starts at $15/month. However, they only offer 30 free page scans at that price.

Both companies get A ratings from BBB and both companies have negative reviews on Yelp. But I guess that all companies will have some disgruntled customers. The BBB ratings show that the companies are serious about their public image, as opposed to Mailbox Forwarding.

I need to do much more to compare these companies before I choose. I will update this post when I know more.