Disablism at Cannes : Time For A Boycot?

I have blogged about how Hollywood producers discriminate against wheelchair users by giving roles for wheelchair users to able bodied actors. Now, a Canadian film maker Sean Marckos was not allowed entrance to the Cannes Festival with other film makers. It is hard for Cannes to deny. Marckos got it on tape:

Why was he denied access? Too many steps to build a ramp. I guess they are they didn't have enough money to buy a lift? Right!

What is the problem with the film industry? When will media giants understand that people with disabilities deserve access to all parts of society and that there is no room left for disablism?

I wonder if there are a few brave actors, filmmakers, producers and leaders in the film industry who will boycot Cannes Festival until access is granted to everyone, able-bodied and disabled alike?