Five Unique Wheelchair Accessories Which Will Revolutionize Your Wheelchair

These Unique Wheelchair Accessories Will Impress

Does your wheelchair look drab? Are you searching for some unique accessories which will modernize your wheelchair? You have come to the right place. Read on! 

Pushrim Covers

Pushims easily become scratched and can quickly look ugly. Pushrim Covers offer six very important advanages. 

Pushrim Covers

  • Cover up the ugly scratches in your pushrims
  • Prevent rims from getting new scratches
  • Protect your doors and walls from getting scratched and banged up if you collide with them
  • Give you extra grip and make it easier to push your wheelchair
  • Make your grips more comfortable for your hands. No more pushing cold (or hot) hard metal
  • Come in 7 colors which can completely change the look of your wheelchair

For many, the last point is the most important reason to buy pushrim covers. But to those people who buy Pushrim covers to change the look of the wheelchair, we have one strong recommendation. Combine your rim covers with Seksi Spokes Wraps.  UltraGrrrip Pushrim Covers combined with Seksi Spokes will give your wheelchair a unique look as see in the video below.


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Wheelchair Tire Covers

Wheelchair tires were not made to be inside of houses. Black rubber tires can tear up expensive flooring and carpets and make them filthy. Only RehaDesign can offer such a unique solution to rescue your floors and carpets from the wrath of the wheelchair tires with three types of wheelchair tire covers:

  • Wheelchair Slippers: Cover the big rear tires of manual wheelchairs
  • Wheelchair Socks: Cover the small front casters
  • Mud Eaters: Similar to Slippers but made from strong neoprene which is water resistant. These can be used with muddy or wet tires, or in pool or sauna areas which need to be clean and sanitary.

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  1. Thanks for your site. Thanks for your efforts. I have been in a wheelchair 40 years. Many changes have been slow in coming. Your site is a welcoming site.


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