Aaron Fotheringham: Wheelchair Hero

The first Wheelchair Hero of this blog is none other than Aaron Fotheringham, famous for his Wheelchair Back flip. We met Aaron in Dusseldorf Germany and saw him hit his back flip an incredible 3 out of 4 times. Each time my heart was in my throat and each time, the crowd went wild. Below is the video that we took of one of his backflips.

Aaron has broken into movies as well. He is the stunt double of a in a German Movie Vorstadt-Krokodile. We have not seen the movie, but we understand it is about a wheelchair user who wants to become a member of a gang.

Aaron Fotheringham is not only a talented athlete he is a good guy. We were fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time with Aaron and really enjoyed his company. He is shy and kind with a good sense of humor. He is mature beyond his years. When speaking to him, it is hard to remember that Aaron is only 16 years old.

Few people will be able to perform back flips, but everyone can take an example from Aaron. Aaron does not let anything stop him. His wheelchair is not an obstacle, it is his source of pride. He earns the respect from everyone who meets him and everyone who sees him perform. Aaron is doing is best to remove the "dis" from disability. Aaron is truly a Wheelchair Hero. Go, Aaron, Go!


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