Charlie Wilks: A High School Football Player Who Happens To Be Blind

Ok, I know that this is a wheelchair blog. And of course the vast majority of my posts have to do with wheelchairs or wheelchair users. But this is an exception because it is an exceptional video. I just have to share it with you.

This is the story of Charlie Wilks, a high school student and football team player. Charlie is blind. He is known by his High School Football team as "The Beast". With some help from his teammates who line him up before the play and his teammate who shouts "GO" when the play starts, Charlie is an important member of the team.

Do you note the word "team" frequently in the paragraph above? It is not an accident. That is the key word in the story of Charlie Wilks. Charlie's team helps him and in turn he is a valued and important part of the team. That is the way it should be.

What is also cool about the documentary is that it is Charlie who interviews his mom, his grandfather, his teammates and his coaches. It appears that it is Charlie who has made the documentary.

At the end Charlie says "Don't view the disability as a crutch. View the disability as a leg and start running". Watch this excellent video of Charlie Wilks: