Lady Gaga Hired an Able Bodied Wheelchair Dancer!!

My last blog is about Hollywood producers who hire able-bodied actors to play the role of disabled characters, such as the able-bodied actor who was chosen to play a disabled wheelchair charactor in Fox's Glee.

Now Lady Gaga has hired an able bodied dancer to be a wheelchair dancer??? You have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!

Have a look at Lady Gaga's Dancer. The woman can not even push herself, she is being pushed!!! (She comes on about half-way through the video).

There are some VERY talented wheelchair dancers in the world who put on AMAZING performances such as Auti Angel. I know Auti. She is a sweetheart and is VERY talented. You can catch Auti Angel in the video below.

Have a look at Auti dancing.

Have a look at a wheelchair dance competition (dancing starts after about 1 min).

Obviously, there is no shortage of talented wheelchair dancers. What is it with these people, who would select someone with no talent and not even consider someone whose career is based on wheelchair dancing?? I just dont get it.