Spread the Word: DON"T WATCH GLEE!

Do you remember the old days, when hollywood producers would hire a white actor to play an asian or an American Indian? Don't remember? Watch a clip of The King And I.

Do you think you would see that today? No way! So why would hollywood producers use an able bodied actor in a role of a wheelchair user??? Here is KEVIN McHALE, who plays Artie in the series:

What are the excuses for this disaster? I do not believe what they are saying

"I think there's a fear of litigation, that a person with disabilities might slow a production down, fear that viewers might be uncomfortable," said Robert David Hall, longtime cast member of CBS' "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

And further

That was the intent in assembling the cast of "Glee," said executive producer Brad Falchuk, along with getting the best performers possible.

"We brought in anyone: white, black, Asian, in a wheelchair," he said. "It was very hard to find people who could really sing, really act, and have that charisma you need on TV."

What do the masses of today think about this? Washington post did an online poll on the topic and an incredible 88% are OK with the idea!!

From millions of wheelchair users, they could not find one who had enough talent for this part? I don't buy it.

I won't be watching Glee and I suggest that you dont either. I would love to see other disability blogs passing the word.


  1. I think they need to choose whoever performs and sings the best. They need an actor. An actor needs to fill the role. If disabled people want to be able to be treated equally then how about accepting that they lost a part to someone who was more qualified for the role?

  2. Gleeftw:

    Thanks for your comments, but unfortunately, it is not always about losing out to someone more qualified. You may or may not be aware that there is a great deal of disability discrimination in this society. Most able-bodied people are not aware of this. If you have little or no exposure to the disability community, I do suggest that you look into it.

    Many people do not want to hire disabled people for various reasons. Sometimes it is because they do not want to adapt the workplace environment other times it is because there is a negative image towards disabled people. Such discrimination is still widely accepted by society.

    Until just a few years ago it was very acceptable to discriminate against gays, women, and people of different races. Because of various civil rights movements, this kind of discrimination is no longer acceptable. As a result, you will no longer see a caucasion actor painted dark and playing an asian. That would be considered in poor taste. Gay actors and actresses have many more roles than in the past.

    However, there is still no problem having an able-bodied person playing the role of a disabled person. I think that this is in poor taste. It is time for the disabled community to unite and insist on change. Until that day comes, disability discrimination will continue.


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