Wheelchair User Earns Black Belt in Karate

I love stories like this. Kelsey Schmaltz is a 19 year old girl from Fargo. Kelsey uses a wheelchair. Nothing unusual so far right?

Oh yeah, Kelsey just earned her black belt in Karate. How do you earn a black belt in Karate? Well one thing you have to do is break a bunch of boards with your hands. Ouch. That must hurt.

Great Job Kelsey Schmaltz!


  1. I got a green belt in Judo. But I gave up to continue Judo because I was a chicken.
    So I admire her so much.
    By the way, in Japan, our country, a movie which featured wheelchair Karete titled AIKI.
    Sorry the language is Japanese.
    The below is my site with English page.

  2. Thanks for entering my contest! I think it would be GREAT if you came up with something wheelchair-ey for the Jan Disability Blog Carnival!


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