BBC Plans TV Competition Program For Wheelchair Dancing

Amazing! Will this catch on in the USA?

We all know that "Dancing With the Stars" is the US version of the hit UK TV series "Strictly Come Dancing". The dancing show was first popular in the UK and then it was brought over the Atlantic to the USA.

Now the UK TV Network BBC3 has announced that in its upcoming season of programs it will host a version of "Strictly Come Dancing" about wheelchair dancing! Very cool!

The new show is to be called "Dancing on Wheels". "Dancing on Wheels" will involve celebrities being paired with wheelchair users in a dance competition.

Hopefully Dancing on Wheels will show outside of the UK so the rest of us can watch. But what is the chance we will see a US version of Dancing on Wheels? German? French? Pretty small I would guess, but there is always hope.

Read more about the BBC3 Press release about Dancing On Wheels.

In case you have never seen wheelchair dancing, watch the talented wheelchair dancers in the video clip below:


  1. the BBC has shown wheelchair dancing in their commercials for some years.
    can someone arrange for Dame tammy Grey Thompson as my partner.
    visit and follow
    An advocate for "Disabled Sport."

  2. Hi Parabuddy

    Yes, I know. I have seen the ads. I also remember ads for wheelchair basketball with a famous UK Athlete, Ade Adepitan. Those were cool.

    But I am delighted by Dancing on Wheels. I hope that BBC does what it can to let Dancing on Wheels play outside of the UK. Don't keep the good stuff to yourself! At least put it on Youtube!

  3. That looks awesome! Yes, I hope they at least put it on YouTube!

  4. Laura

    I updated this post with a new post. It shows a preview of Dancing on Wheels. It includes a clip from YouTube. If you have not seen it have a look. It really looks cool!

    Unfortunately, BBC is not really good about showing programs outside of the UK. If you do not have a satalite agreement, it is unlikely you will see it.


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