Botox Use in Cerebral Palsy: Deaths Are Being Reported

Botox is being used to treat spasticity in children with Cerebral Palsy. Botox relaxes muscles, relaxed muscles are less spastic muscles and therein lies its efficacy.

However, the dosages are much higher in children than in adults. And while it is usually safe there have been reports of Botox traveling to other parts of the body like the lungs and causing botulism type symptoms, including difficulty breathing. The FDA recently required manufacturers to warn patients about these dangers.

There have been several reports of death in children who have been given botox for cerebral palsy, though the company is not yet acknowledging any link between the drug and the deaths.

In California, one family is suing the Botox manufacturer Allergan for the death of their 7 year old daughter.

The lawyer for the family examined an Allergan employee about another seven deaths which may have been linked to botox.

The US FDA has issued warnings concering deaths related to Botox use.

Canadian authorities are also investigating reports of botox spreading and causing fatalities.

European agencies have also reported patients who have used Botox and died.

While Botox appears to be safe for cosmetic purposes there are still many questions about the use of Botox for other purposes.