Does CCSVI Hold the Key To MS?

Marc, at Wheelchair Kamikaze, has been blogging about Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency ( CCSVI ), the relatively new theory about the possible cause of MS.

I won't repeat the details which are elegantly discussed on the Wheelchair Kamikaze Blog, but briefly there is new evidence that the cause of MS may be linked to blocked blood vessels leading out of the brain. Many people with MS are now getting scanned to see if their vessels are blocked and if surgery might relieve some of their symptoms.

This is very exciting since, for the first time, there could be a magic bullet for MS. If follow-up studies prove this to be true, it will not be long until some medical mastermind comes up with a drug which specifically dialates the blood vessels coming out of the brain, or they come up with a way to implant a vasodilator in the right region of the brain. In the meantime, clinical trials are ongoing and the world is watching with anticipation.