The Sad Story Of Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt's story needs to be told. A quadriplegic since an injury as a youth, Vic was a talented singer. He recently completed tours in Europe and the USA. However, Vic's income was not sufficient to cover his medical costs. While Vic had medical insurance, somehow his coverage was not sufficient to cover the costs of surgery he required. As a result, Vic was sued by the hospital. Unable to cope with the stress of the law suit, Vic apparently took his life and died this past Christmas day.

Vic Chesnutt's sad story is a testiment to the need for some kind of health coverage for all Americans. It is a tragedy when life is lost. But it is a sin when someone must choose to have a medical treatment or not based on what they can or can not afford. No one should ever be forced to make this choice again. Read more about Vic Chessnut

See a Clip Of Vic Chesnut Singing Band Camp On The Late Show With Craig Kilborn