An Alternative Way To Making More Money? Spend Wisely

Many people with disabilities struggle to make ends meet. Jobs are scarce, benefits are getting less and less and disabilities make life even more expensive.

I recently read a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal about stretching income and that is with the old fashioned WAIT! Before you yawn and click away, please read on, there is some very interesting logic here:

* The average coupon saves $1.44 (don't forget about the double and triple coupon days)
* Once you have the papers or websites assembled, finding and cutting a coupon takes about 1 minute each.
* Hourly rate from $1.44/minute= $86.40/hour
* These "savings" are not taxed.
* If you are in the 20% tax bracket, to bring home an equivalent amount of money you would need to earn $108. That is only from federal taxes.

Now maybe these figures are a little inflated but you get the idea. I guess I rarely think that savings like these are tax free and this really increases the value.

So, it is not a dollar saved is a dollar earned. It is a dollar saved is $1.20 earned.