Barack Obama: Isn't It Time to Let Rahm Emanuel Go?

This is not a political blog. In fact, this will be the first, and possibly the last blog post about a politican. But I am appaled that a prominant member of the Obama Administration, Rahm Emanuel blasted a republican plan as ""f------ retarded"

What I have read about Emanuel, I just don't like. The guy reminds me of every bully I have ever known. Using the word "retarded" is not only wrong and inappropriate, it is something a bully, a coward would do. A bully abuses his power to intimidate others. This is how Emanuel gets things done.

This is in stark contrast to Obama the gentleman. Obama always comes off as a nice guy, very polite, very courteous. Emanual is just the opposite. Very rude, very cruel, very arrogant. Someone who has a hard time controlling his thoughts and emotions.

I understand why Obama picked Emanuel to be his chief of staff. Emanuel guards the access to Obama. Having a bully screening those who want access is like having a tough bodyguard standing outside of your door.

I don't like the fact that Emanuel used the word retarded. A politician should have more common sense than that. I also don't like the way that someone in power would abuse his power. This is not a man to respect. This is a bully plain and simple.

Emanuel reminds me a lot of Dick Cheney, Bush's thug. I supported Obama, because I had enough of people like that in power. I supported Obama because I wanted a change. Emanuel is NOT a change. Emanuel is a return to ignorance and abuse of power.

If Obama cut Emanuel loose, it would send two strong messages:

First, Obama would send a clear message to the world that there is no place left for "Disablism", that is, discrimation against the disabled community.

Second, Obama would be saying that he wants to distance himself from the arrogant bullies of the world.

I believe that it is time for Obama to let Emanuel go.