Spotlight On: Tyler Walker Paralympian

In the run up to the Parlympics Vancouver and Whistler , Canada between March 12 to March 21, 2010, this blog will spotlight a few selected athletes. The first spotlight is on Tyler Walker. Watch this video of the amazing Tyler Walker:

Tyler is a talented skiier and will be competing in his second Paralympics. But Tylers interests go far beyound skiing. Tyler is also interested in international culture and travel. Tyler has lived in Germany for a summer, has spent time living in Qatar and his skiing has taken him to many international destinations. Tyler is working against the odds and hopes to change the stigma against people with disabilities in that country. While it will not be easy, it seems like Tyler has no problem taking on huge challenges.

Tyler is a graduate of the University of New Hampshire in Geography with a dual major in International Studies. Why Geography? "It’s not just maps – it’s culture, language, people, history, how things change over time,” Tyler says. “You’re just learning about the world.”

You can read more about Tyler on his website

Tyler, if you read this, I wish you the best of luck in the Paralympics 2010.