Encouraging Reviews of This Blog

It is always nice to be given a compliment and recently this blog received a few positive reviews:

* A blog called Four Eyes One Internet recently stated "This is quite the blog it's more than just about mobility and the tech surrounding it it's about the people interacting with it. I took a look at some of the articles on the site and found them to be very well written.".

* Wheelchair Pride has been selected for inclusion into Medipedia Health News.

* Wheelchair Pride was selected as an Editor's Choice Blog by Blogville, an honor bestowed on less than 1% of submitted blogs.

* Wheelchair Pride was selected to appear in Technorati.

* Wheelchair Pride is one of 9 blogs by Best Of the Webs Blogs for its disability section.

This blog is still young, in existence for almost one year. Yet the reviews have been encouraging.