Paralympic Spotlight on Martin Braxenthaler

Martin Braxenthaler is a German Alpine skiing powerhouse. He has participated in 3 previous Paralympics and has won medels in all of them, including a total of 7 gold medals. Martin is expected by many to be the one to beat in the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Only one year after an accident in 1994 which left him paralyzed, Braxenthaler took a monoski course. Two years later, he was a member of the German National Team. One year later he took a bronze medal in the 1998 Winter Paralympics. This is the determination of a champion.

Tomorrow, 11 March 2010, the day before the start of the Paralympics will be Martin Braxenthaler's 38th birthday. Be sure to wish him happy birthday ( Zum Geburtstag viel Glück) and good luck on the Paralympics. You can leave a comment on his his blog documenting his path to the Vancouver Paralympics. Although his blog is only in German, click where it says "Kommentare" and leave a birthday greeting.

Also, watch the video below by Paralympic Sport TV about the impressive Martin Braxenthaler:

Watch Martin Braxenthaler and the rest of the Paralympics LIVE on Paralympic Sport TV. For more information and a schedule of live broadcasts, see this article about the Winter Paralympic Games.


  1. Pretty certain i have met Martin with Michael Hipp & Gerd Schoenfelder at Sestriere! Ask then to translate Martin's site for all to benefit!
    Looking forward to watching the events live !

  2. Skippy, watch this blog for more news about Martin...


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