Paralympics Spotlight on Joe Howard Team US Ice Sled Hockey

I am really looking forward to the Paralympic Sledge or Sled Ice Hockey Games. Sledge Ice Hockey is a fast moving contact sport, very rough and tumble as you can see in this video of a USA vs Canada Ice Sled Hockey Game:

So you would think it would a young man's game. Joe Howard can prove otherwise. At the Paralympics, Joe Howard will be 2 months shy of his 44th birthday. No longer a young man myself, I appreciate the efforts of Joe to go out and represent the rest of us.

Joe Howard is from Massachusetts and lives and breathes Hockey. Joe's First Paralympics was in 1998 where he scored a record 6 goals in one game. Joe has been in three paralympic games and has earned medals in two of them, a gold and a bronze.

Here is the part I like best: The day before winning the gold medal, Joe proposed to his girlfriend Carol in the center of the rink. Perhaps on the center of the ice, Carol had no choice but to say yes?

Joe says, "I think that this may be my last Paralympics. I am looking to go out with a gold medal". Best of luck to you Joe. I will be watching and rooting for you!

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