Vasi Stoica: California to Chile By Wheelchair!!

Vasi Stoica is a wheelchair user who loves to travel. But Vasi does not travel the conventional way, by train or airplane. Vasi travels by pushing himself in his wheelchair. In 2006 Vasi pushed his wheelchair from Romania to Spain, a journey of over 5'000 km completely by hand. At the time, I did an interview with Vasi Stoica.

Vasi was born in Romania with a congenital paraplegia. He was a crawler, because as a child he had no wheelchair and moved using only his hands. In 1991 Vasi became an athlete and started to do long distance touring in his wheelchair. Vasi has completed several long distance tours and broke the Guinness World Record for covering the longest distance in a wheelchair in 24 hours.

Now Vasi has announced his greatest challenge challenge. In May 2010 Vasi will travel from California to Chile by wheelchair. You can see Vasi's route in the map above. Vasi will cross 12 countries in an adventure which will take him 12'000 km (approximately 8,000 miles).

For that journey, Vasi will need more than $18'000. He is determined to make the trip and is looking for Sponsors. Any interested sponsor can contact Vasi directly via Vasi's Website or contact me (RehaDesign AT and I will be happy to put you in contact.

I am hoping that Vasi will report in from time to time during his journey so we can follow Vasi's adventures on this blog. Go Vasi Go! See a video below about Vasi Stoica