Watch Aaron Fotheringham on the GIANT Nitro Circus Ramp

I am one of Aaron Fotheringham's biggest and earliest fans. I did the first interview with Aaron Fotherinham, when he was 14 years old just after he hit the backflip. I edited and posted his now famous video on YouTube which became viral and has been seen nearly 800,000 times with over 1,000 comments. I helped write an article about Aaron for Wikipedia. I was also part of a group of people that helped to make sure that Aaron was able to perform at RehaCare in Germany in 2008, even though it was arranged at the last minute. While at RehaCare I got to meet Aaron in person for the first time and got to see him do the backflip four times. Needless to say, that was the highlight of RehaCare for me.

So, I will blog about just about anything that has to do with Aaron Fotheringham. However, this video of Aaron on a GIANT ramp preparing for the Nitro Circus is absolutely incredible!!! You can almost feel like you are plummeting down the ramp together with him:

Check out Aaron Fotheringham website. Like Aaron, It ROCKS!