Is Hollywood 'Disabled' Enough?

According to this CNN article "Is Hollywood 'gay' enough?" "the number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) characters on scripted programs has just about doubled since 2005, according to the Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation."

The members of the gay community have seen Hollywood take to their cause and drop all barriers. In the past five years, while the number of gay characters have dramatically increased, how many disabled characters on scripted programs do you see? Can you count them? While the numbers of most American minorities on TV and movies are skyrocketing, the numbers of disabled characters remian vanishingly low. Hollywood often reflects or leads culture. We are influenced by what we see daily on TV. When we accept people into our living rooms, it is not long until we accept people into society.

The fact that Hollywood is NOT accepting people with disabilities is hurting disabled people everywhere. Until there are changes in Hollywood, don't expect to see changes on main street.


  1. Excellent points and what is the impact? If it is okay to dismiss and not include characters with a disAbility in movies and television then it is okay do the same to people with a disAbility in society. Just as you pointed out that Hollywood influences Main Street, but when you also include the fact that when Hollywood does include a character with a disAbility - in one of the very limited roles - they nearly always - especially if it is a lead role - hire an able bodied actor! Meaning that those with a disAbility may under certain circumstances be included as subject matter but not in substance. This tells society that those with a disAbility can be recognized on occasion but they are are not worthy, not talented, not deserving, and not able to represent themselves. NONE of which are true but as long as Hollywood projects it, Main Street will accept it.


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