Disability Humor: Funny or Bad Taste?

I got an email from a guy named Chuck Bittner with a link to a website and a note:

Hope you giggle!

Chuck the CAPper

I guess CAPper is short for Handicapped? Ok, I went to Chuck's website and picked at random the performance below to listen to.

Listening to it, I could imagine that this kind of stuff might be a bit controversial. Is it politically correct to make disability humor? Is this stuff funny?

Hell yes it was funny!!! Chuck the Capper is a pretty talented comedian. If you will give it a listen you will agree that Chuck has a gift for humor. Now the big question is, will we ever see Chuck on Conan Or Leno? I wonder if the world is ready for Chuck?

Here is my question for Chuck...Chuck why is there only audio? Listening to this reminds me of the days listening to Bill Cosby Record Albums. Yup! I am that old that I actually listened to Cosby on a Record Album.

Note to Chuck: Get a friend to make a video of your next comedy performance!