A Disneyland Like Paradise Designed For Kids With Disabilities

This is an amazing story, with a very touching ending. This story is about the love of a father for his child and the amazing gift the father gives to the world, with her name on it.

This is a story of "Morgan's Wonderland" a paradise on earth for kids with disabilities. This is a land where dreams really can come true. Dreams for kids who may have never imagined that there is such a place on earth. What is more, for children with disabilities, this paradise is FREE! (Mom and Dad, you are going to pay five bucks...not bad for a ticket to paradise).

Here are JUST A FEW of things you are going to find at Morgan's Wonderland:

* The Sensory Village: Each one of these themed environments not only inspires imaginative play but also offers interactive sensory stimulation through the use of colors, lights, sounds and textures. (Sounds wonderful, but I can not quite grasp what it is).

* Wonderland Express & Depot: Our beautiful locomotive, truly a train-lover’s delight, pulls multiple cars with specially designed wheelchair-accessible ramps so the whole family can enjoy a fun and relaxing ride together.

* Off-Road Adventure Ride: enabling individuals in wheelchairs and their companions to enjoy the ride comfortably.

* Carousel : adaptive animals that serve as special seats for guests incapable of sitting upright. Unique benches allow a special-needs guest to be safely secured and sit next to a friend or caregiver, and guests in wheelchairs can enjoy the experience with custom chariots

* Music Garden: Nine large, shaded outdoor instruments along a winding garden path combine for a great sensory experience involving the visual beauty of the garden, the smells of the flowers and the sounds of music.

This is just a beginning, there is much, much more. Watch a little bit about Morgan's Paradise:

What a magical place! And the fact that it was inspired by the love of a dad for his beautiful child just makes it all the more special. (Thanks to Wheelie Catholic, I learned about Morgan's Wonderland from reading her blog).