Interview With Zack Weinstein : Appearing Soon In Glee!

As I previously blogged, a young actor named Zack Weinstein is scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode of Glee. In my blog post, I asked Zack for an interview. Zack contacted me and over the past few weeks we have been doing the interview by email.

A bit of history: Glee was criticized a few months ago by many people from the disability community, including me, for hiring Kevin McHale an able-bodied actor to play a person with a disability. Many people, including myself, found this outrageous because there are so few roles for people with disabilities. So, when the opportunity arose to include a character with a disability in the program, we naturally believe that such a role would be best given to an actor with a real disability.

Zack wrote in a post on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Blog:

As long as actors with disabilities are given the opportunity to audition and are as seriously considered as able-bodied actors, I have no problem. The best actor should get the role.

That comment caused even more controversy and remarks, including my own. Zack and I address this controversy and more in this interview with Zack Weinstein.

Watch Zack Weinstein on Glee May 11 after American Idol on Fox.