Mobility Scooter World Record Set In Hervey Bay, Australia

True story:

An organization of mobility scooter owners gathered togther 126 mobility scooter in the community of HERVEY Bay in Australia to create the longest parade of electric mobility scooters. Their parade was even officially recognized with a Guinness World Record! Only 126 mobility scooters? That should be an easy record to break. I asked Julie de Waard, Project Officer, for the Seniors in Focus Project about the process of having your record recognized by the people at Guinness World Records. She told me:

It is not an easy process but well worth the effort once you have success. In order to gain recognition as a world record you need to lodge an application with Guinness World Records which can be done through their website. Once in the site it is easy to find where you need to go, they will then contact you with what else you need to do and the guidelines that you need to follow. Once the attempt is done you are required to supply a number of items in support of your attempt including registrations, video and photographic evidence, signed witness statements etc etc. these requirements change according to the record being attempted.

This is a challenge to all mobility scooter organizations and mobility scooter clubs. Beat the Hervey Bay record and then get the good people at Guinness to recognize it! Post a video on YouTube, send me an email: RehaDesign "AT" and I will announce it here!

Congratulations to the mobility scooter owners of Hervey Bay.