Watch Glee On 11 May and Spread The Word!

On 11 May Zack Weinstein will appear on Glee. Zack is a quadriplegic. Read an interview with Zack Weinstein.

I think that the more able-bodied people see real people with real disabilities, the less disablism there will be. Most "isms" (racism, sexism, disablism etc) are born out of a fear of people we don't know. Getting to know these people we are afraid of, even if just on TV helps, to alleviate that fear.

Think about this: The more we see gays on TV, the more gays have moved towards equal rights. The more people of different races we have seen on TV, the less racism there has been. Similarly, I think that the more real people with real disabilities we see on TV, the less disablism there will be.

The more people that watch Glee on 11 May, the more likely we will see MORE people with disabilties on TV in future programming. By watching Zack, you may make it easier for other actors with disablities to be cast in mainstream TV roles in the future.

So, please help by asking people to ask people to watch Zack Weinstein on Glee:

* Please post it to your Facebook Page

* Please Tweet and Retweet

* Please blog about it.

* Please tell your friends and family

Watch Glee on 11 May in the USA!

(I am trying to find out when this episode will be aired in other countries. Please leave a message if you know.)