Rocket Bob Gullickson: The First To Exceed 100 mph In A Wheelchair?

Wheelchair Sport Fans and Extreme Wheelchair Sport Enthusiasts take note, Rocket Bob Gullickson is planning to go where no wheelchair user has gone before. Rocket Bob, a paraplegic, is strapping some rockets to a wheelchair and hoping to exceed 100 mph.

I contacted Rocket Bob and asked for more details. He sent me a few pics which you will find on this post with the accompanying note:

We are going to begin bench testing of the hydrogen peroxide rocket motor within the next few weeks. There is no current record Guinness record for what I am attempting to do. The people at Guinness started a new category to accommodate the rocket wheelchair.

My hope is for triple digit speed but I really have no idea what the machine will be capable of achieving safely.

I have attached a couple pictures of me with the chair and one of just the chair. Keep in mind these photos are not what it will look like by the time I make the land speed world record. It will be stripped of all non-speed essential equipment and things added for aerodynamics and stability as well as safety.

You can easily keep up to date with my activities on facebook Rocket Bob Gullickson or come and witness our event on Sunday September 5th at Brainerd International Raceway during The Muscle Car Shootout event right before the drag race finals.