How To Complain About Wheelchair Inaccessible Buildings

Are you having trouble with a wheelchair inaccessible building? Is there a place you need access to and the owner is not making it wheelchair accessible to ADA standards? Not sure what to do next? One possibility is to contact Hank Falstad at Access Technologies Services in Las Vegas Nevada.

Although Hank is in Nevada, he works nationwide. Hank has told me that once you contact him he will contact the owner of the building, anywhere in the country and offer Access's services in bringing the building up to standards. Should the owner not be able, willing or interested in complying, Hank says that he will find you a lawyer and work with the lawyer and judge to compell the owner to do so. All at no cost to the wheelchair user.

Access will get paid by being a consultant to the building owner. Or if necessary Access will get paid by being a consultant to the lawyer. In either case, according to Hank, the owner foots the bill and never the wheelchair user.

Hank tells me he has assisted thousands of wheelchair users in getting building owners to make the necessary changes to bring buildings to ADA standards and has been successful 100% of the time, because they do not go to trial unless they are certain they will win the case. All this is never at a cost to the wheelchair user. Since Hank works nationwide, it does not matter where you or the building are located.

So, if you are having trouble with a building that is not up to ADA standards ask Access Tech if they can help you. Watch Hank in the video below explaining how he can help you require building owners to make any building wheelchair accessible: