Proval: The Lightest Aluminum Wheelchair?

There are those who are always looking for the lightest, coolest, sweetest wheelchair available. Several companies claim to manufacture the world's lightest wheelchair, but they are often made from carbon fiber or other composite materials. Now there is the Proval Wheelchair. The ultra-light aluminum Proval weighs in at an incredible 3.4 kg (without rear wheels). This means that, depending on the selection of rear wheels, you can have an aluminum wheelchair which weighs under 5kg complete. What makes the Proval so light weight? The answer is two things. First, while most wheelchairs use round aluminum tubing, the Proval uses a unique flat tubing which is a very light and strong design. Second, the Proval is entirely welded. Welding means no need for heavy screws or brackets. If welding saves so much weight, why aren't all wheelchairs welded? The reason is that most wheelchairs are built to fit most body sizes and then adjusted to fit all varieties of body shapes and sizes. This one size fits all design, while inexpensive to make means alot more metal is used and alot of additional weight. The Proval is a custom made frame and built to fit only one owner. This means, only the right amount of metal is used in the design and no additional weight. It also means that the wheelchair fits the owner perfectly, like a well tailored suit. An ultra-light, custom made wheelchair must be very expensive, right? Actually, not as expensive as you might think. Depending on your needs and requirements, the Proval costs about the same as any quality wheelchair. How can you see a Proval? Proval is manufactured by TNS Rijan in the Netherlands. While the TNS website is currently in Dutch, you will have no problems communicating with TNS in any of several languages including English, German, French, etc. Would you like to have a cool ultra-light wheelchair and a ultra-cool wheelchair light for the price of a standard wheelchair? Simply tell TNS that you heard about Proval from the Wheelchair Pride website. If you buy any wheelchair from TNS, then TNS will give you a free wUnderGlow Wheelchair Light. So, you will have both an cool ultra-light wheelchair and a ultra cool wheelchair light for about the price of a regular wheelchair. Alternatively, send us an email at RehaDesign @ and we will put you in contact.