The First DOUBLE Backflip In A Wheelchair

Back in 2006, Aaron Fotheringham did the first back flip in a wheelchair. I did the first interview with Aaron Fotheringham when he was just 14 years old.

On August 26, 2010 Aaron Fotheringham hit the first DOUBLE backflip in a wheelchair. Watch this video, posted by Aaron showing how he got it done:

Want to know more about Aaron? Check out this interview by Unitriders. It is probably the funniest interview with Aaron Fotheringham that I have seen (and I have seen several). Questions include:

* First time you kissed a girl
* Last time your mom yelled at you
* Last time you went out in Vegas
* Last time you used the sympathy card on a girl

To the last question Aaron responded "I get rejected by females constantly. It's an ongoing thing".....come on Aaron, I don't believe that:


  1. I think I just successfully terrified my neighbors (screaming) that was just too cool!


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