Wheelchair Discrimination Gets Bus Driver Fired

In July 2010 a bus driver was fired for refusing to put down a ramp for a wheelchair user. Arjun Duggal filmed a bus driver refusing to put out a ramp for his mother on his mobile phone as you can see below:

Mr Duggal submitted the video to the media which led to the termination of the bus driver.

Just a month later a similar event happened to Qamar Khaliq. Khaliq video taped a train guard refusing to bring out a ramp for him. This incident also became a media event.

When will bus and train personnel get the message that wheelchair users are entitled to equal access to public transportation under the law?

Are you being discriminated against? Is someone parking where they are not supposed to be parking? Is there a building that has no ramp or other form of access? Do what these wheelchair users do. Use a video camera to teach the person a lesson! Film the discrimation act, upload it to YouTube. Send a link to your local media and send us a link well. Contact us at this email address: RehaDesign "AT" Gmail.com