Cool Wheelchair Bags Add Style To Your Wheelchair

Tired of boring wheelchair bags? Looking for a wheelchair bag to add style and functionality to your wheelchair? Check out RehaDesign Wheelchair Bags. RehaDesign Wheelchair bags, are both practical and cool. Why are they cool? RehaDesign Wheelchair bags have built in reflective strip, which is not noticable during the daytime, but at night time, help to improve your visibility. But that is not all. You can order RehaDesign Wheelchair Bags with an optional reflective tribal design, either a heart or a dragon, for a cool look that also improves safety. RehaDesign Wheelchair bags are made with a water resistant material to help protection your gear incase you are caught in the rain. RehaDesign Wheelchair bags have especially designed straps to fit wheelchair backrests between 14-18 inches without rubbing the wheels. All this in a wheelchair bag that comes with front zip pockets and side netted pockets to make it easy to store your gear. Put RehaDesign Wheelchair Bags on your Christmas Gift Wish List.


  1. I've often thought a wheelchair bag would be useful but haven't ever seen one that would fit a wheelchair without push handles. Also, isn't it really hard to reach it from the chair? And what about security?

  2. Very good points! Please look closely at the photo of the bag on the wheelchair above. Can you see that there are no handles? This bag was designed to fit wheelchairs with and without handles. Will they fit on all wheelchairs? I can not say about ALL wheelchair, but I can say that hey have fit on all that I have tried them on and after 1 year of selling them, we have not had any returns or any complaints.

    Hard to reach from the chair? Can you turn around and touch the corner of your backrest? If so, you can reach your bag. Of course, you probably have to pull the bag off each time you need something and put it back when you are done. But that should be little problem.

    By security, you mean can someone steal it? Yes of course. But this is true with every bag, purse and wallet. So you probably do not want to keep anything in the bag that you can not afford to lose. Remember there are some zipping pockets and some netted pockets. The netted pockets are for things you might want to have quick access to, for example, your mobile phone when it is ringing. Obviously if you have an expensive mobile phone you probably dont want to put it in a netted pocket. But my mobile phone is ancient and if someone were to steal it it, it would not be a big loss. It would give me a good excuse to go out and buy a new one.

  3. Good answers! Thanks. Will think about this.


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