NUDE: Wheelchair Tennis Legend Esther Vergeer

If you did not hear about Esther Vergeer before, you probably will soon. Esther Vergeer is probably the greatest wheelchair tennis player who has ever lived. However, wheelchair tennis does not make people household names. But posing nude often will do the trick. Esther Vergeer recently did a nude photoshoot for ESPN Magazine's 2010 "Body Issue" publication. Of course, the controversy hit the fan. The big controversy surrounds the question

Should a wheelchair user, whose body is not perfect, be posing nude?

Have a look at some of the photos and decide for yourself.

You will find the nude Esther Vergeer's cover shot here
You can find an internal nude shot of Esther Vergeer here:


  1. Esther is a very talented athlete and a beautiful woman - these are wonderful pictures and not distasteful in my opinion - this helps those in chairs become more inclusive in the eyes of able people who do not know anyone who is a wheelchair user! Inclusive in society in general. And even though it is not pornographic it is still shows that we are still sexual beings too - often a stigma that surrounds us wheelers is that we are not and that is terrible. Way to go Esther and thanks for being brave enough to do this in the nude, for breaking down the stereotypes and thanks ESPN for helping us be more inclusive and not only regulated to "gimp" section!

  2. Larry, I couldn't agree with you more. Esther is breaking down barriers where ever she goes. I would love to have a chance to interview her! Gefeliciteerd Esther!!


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