Rex Bionics Receives Funding For New Exoskeleton

It is being reported that Rex Bionics has received new funding to develop the second generation exoskeleton. According to this report Rex has received new funding of $1.63 million to build a second version.

Part of the new money has come from TechNZ which appears to be a New Zealand funded government agency that invests in local technology.

Why is this important? An invester brings much more than just money to a project. An investor brings its experts, its network and its influence. With the New Zealand government investing in Rex, this will further help to open the doors to Rex.

Read more about Rex Bionic's Exoskeleton on the Exoskeleton website.


  1. That's great news! With funding like this starting to come in, it won't be long before these exoskeletons come onto the market.


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