Time Names Exoskeleton For Wheelchair Users One Of 50 Best Inventions

Time Magazine has included eLEGS Exoskeleton in a recent article about the 50 Best Inventions of 2010. But Time seems to have erred in their description saying eLEGS is " the first such device to do so without a tether".

I am pleased to see Time recognizing the promise of exoskeletons for wheelchair users in this article. Exoskeletons should be included in the top 50 inventions of 2010. But while eLEGs may be one of the most promising exoskeletons, it is certainly not the "the first such device to do so without a tether". Probably that honor should go to the HAL exoskeleton from Cyberdyne as it was the first Exoskeleton for wheelchair users to reach the market and does not use a tether.

Another Time Publication erred by declaring that there were 6 million paraplegics in the USA. This was wrong by at least a factor of 10. I had to write several emails to Time in order to get them to correct that mistake. The article has since been corrected and you can find a statement to that fact at the bottom of the article.

These all too frequent mistakes make me wonder where Time Magazine gets their information and if they do any editing or proof reading at all.

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