Wheelchair Hero Stops Robbery (Full Video)

Larry Skopnik is a new Canadian Wheelchair Hero. Does the term hero seem a bit overused these days? Watch the video below. Larry wears the term very well.

This is the actual security video from the store. Fast forward to 2:20 minutes, nothing happens until then. At 3:00 minutes the action begins.

The bad guy was trying to pass a fake $50. The cashier called the police and that made the bad guy violent. He not only wanted his fake $50, he stepped behind the counter to rob the cash register. Larry rolled up and quickly put an end to that.

Larry was not the only hero that day. There were several other good souls who helped out. But Larry took the bad guy down. Larry is one of many wheelchair users who show everyday that being in a wheelchair does not mean that you can not take care of yourself and others.