Wheelchair User Dies Waiting 36 Hours In Hospital Waiting Room

Brian Sinclair had everything going against him. He was a wheelchair user, homeless and aboriginal. He was also a very sick man when he went to Winnipeg Health Sciences Centre. But he did not just appear there for no reason. He went with a referral letter from his local health clinic. That should have given some importance to his condition. What was the problem? His urinary catheter was blocked. He had not urinated in over 24 hours. But the emergency room employees had him wait in the waiting for 36 hours. During those hours Brian Sinclair was simply ignored. No food, water or medical attention. What did he die of? An acute bladder infection. The government promised an inquest, but nothing has been done. His family is now suing. What kind of health care system makes a sick a patient wait for 36 hours? How can people be so cruel? Read more