Freedom Medical Robotics Developing Exoskeleton For Wheelchair Users

A Canadian company has recently announced that they have entered the race to develop an exoskeleton for wheelchair users.

However, Freedom Medical Robotics, located in Richmond, BC, Canada is not just working on developing any old exoskeleton. Freedom Medical Robotics is working on "keeping the size and weight of a powered exoskeletal walking aid down to the point where one could discreetly wear such a 'suit' under regular clothing."

This is also my vision. The exoskeletons currently being developed are a first, very important step. But these first exoskeletons will be bulky and slow. Exoskeletons of the future will be worn much the way that amputees wear prosthetics, that is hidden discreetly under clothing. They will be small, lightweight and allow a near normal gait. One day in the future, paraplegics will wear exoskeletons under clothing and walk without anyone even noticing that they are paralyzed.

Visit the website of Freedom Medical Robotics or read more about exoskeletons for wheelchair users.