Research on Exoskeletons For Wheelchair Users: Your Help Is Needed

I have spoken with Christopher Wilder, Executive Director of Valley Medical Center Foundation about a new research project being conducted at the Valley Medical Center on the eLegs exoskeleton for wheelchair users.

Chris has confirmed that a new eLEGS study will start at Valley Medical Center in January 2011. The project seeks to prove the efficacy and safety of working with patients using eLegs in a clinical rehab setting. How long does it take to teach a patient to use them? How long does it take to train the trainers? How much space does it require? etc.

Chris is responsible for fundraising for the The VMC Foundation. He told me that the foundation is hoping to raise a total of $130K, of which $20K has been raised, to ensure the program moves as quickly as possible and can start as soon as January 2011. A donation to the fund during this holiday season will be very timely and also help to progress the research on exoskeletons for wheelchair users.

For more information contact Chris at The VMC Foundation or donate from the VMC Foundation Facebook page.